We love the simplicity of nature

We are Marta and Sandro, both lovers of simplicity, tranquillity, nature and the Karst style.

It was precisely the characteristics of this area that struck us from the very first time and that we wanted to share with others.

In 2009, we embarked on the renovation of our home, making room for creative recycling, using furniture and objects with a history behind them. We have chosen to call the accommodation we offer "Lavandula House" as we are lovers of this flower with its relaxing properties. In our courtyard, you will find here and there a few small fragments of Provence, where stone houses and lavenders reign supreme.

Accommodation Lavandula

Accommodation Lavandula is located in the Karst village of Kobdilj.
In these areas you will also find places suitable for those who wish to relax in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as for hikers and cyclists.
Here you can enjoy walks to the nearby medieval village of Štanjel, a village of timeless charm.
On summer days, about half an hour's drive away, you can cool off in the beautiful caves in the area or in the bay of Sistiana (Italy).